Extremely long launch time

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Extremely long launch time

Post  mharmless on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:58 am

I have been using this tool for awhile, and it seemed to be just fine. Recently, however, it has begun taking literally minutes to start. I just launched it at 12:14:00, and it completed at 12:18:18 . Once open, it seems to work fine as far as launching games. However, adding or editing a game present a problem. The initial screen with the joystick image comes up fine. As soon as I hit next I am greeted by some half-drawn labels and an hourglass cursor. Windows eventually informs me the program is not responding.

I unziped everything into a new folder, the new copy opens to the configuration screen instantly. After pointing it at dosbox, conf, and games folders, I get the incredibly long wait. Once this finishes, it pops up and asks me about adding games, with a nice clean slate. Closing triggers the incredible wait again.

There have been a good number of additions to my machine over time, so it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing the problem.

I fired up Process Monitor to see what it is doing. A launch started at 12:34:17 finishes doing obvious useful things at 12:34:26, with some TCP traffic to wikipedia-lb.eqiad.wikimedia.org. Then I get spaced out 'Thread Exit' events. 12:35:26, 12:35:29, 12:35:47, 12:36:26, 12:36:36. Then a two minute wait, and at 12:38:26 it launches a new thread and things start happening again. UI comes up, etc.

Anyway, let me know if I can get any more info to help.


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Re: Extremely long launch time

Post  EchoIndia on Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:41 am

Same problem here. Hadn't used cboxrun in a few months. It used to run fine, now it takes 5-10 mins to start. I even downloaded the latest version and installed a anew instance to a new directory - same result.

win xp 32 bit, if that helps.


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